Chants for Himalaya Karuna

The CD "Chants for Himalaya Karuna" with wonderful chants by Lama Sönam was released at the end of 2010 - a successful mixture of cheerful "Tashi Delek" and meditative chants. The project was initiated and carried out with an incredible commitment by association members Karin and Stephan Gade, with Stephan taking on the musical part and Karin looking after marketing and distribution. 


The distribution is organized outside of Himalaya Karuna e.V.  
Please send all orders to:

Also requests for discount arrangements for stores and resellers as well as special prices for Himalaya Karuna members. 

normal price: 17,00 € incl. VAT + postage
as of the 5th CD 5% discount on the net price
as of the 10th CD 10% discount on the net price

A great gift idea that same time does good!
ALL profits from the CD go to Himalaya Karuna e.V. - so buying the CD is like making a donation to the association.
The 11 tracks on the CD are a very successful mixture of cheerful "Tashi Delek" and meditative singing, with Lama Sönam's very authentic voice. Many thanks for this great project to the artists and producers, and of course the supporters!
Please continue to support the sale and spread the good news!