Young nuns & monks

Children are often sent to Nepal by their parents to receive an education appropriate to their culture in the monasteries.

These children come from Tibet, accompanied by their parents' desire to give them a Tibetan Buddhist education; same time, they come from remote Himalayan regions where their parents can no longer support them. These children are taken in by the monasteries. There they receive clothing, food, a place to sleep and training as monks and nuns. This means that they learn to read, write and count. We help with this! 


Our founding members and former chairpersons Anne Katrin Voss and Peter Kiefer met two of these nuns in training: Ani Diki Chöden and Ani Tsering Chungta in Dharamsala in April 2023. Both are studying at the Drolma Ling Institute in Dharamsala. Himalaya Karuna has been supporting the studies of Ani Diki Chöden (1st picture) for several years and as of 2023 also those of Ani Tsering Chungta.

In 2009, Himalaya Karuna's support enabled 150 meditation cushions to be purchased for the Karma Leksheyling monastery in Kathmandu. Here at the monestary novices are trained from all over the Himalayan region, including Manang. Until then, they have been sitting on the cold concrete floor. Here are some nice pictures of the project: