School education

School education is an important asset in Nepal, where illiteracy rate is still very high.  
Having a local school in a remote region like Manang is not a given!  
That is why it is very important to us to long term support the school in Manang, including the associated kindergarten.  

Himalaya Karuna has so far supported the school and kindergarten, which are based on the Montessori educational concept, with an annual donation. Now there is a desire for further support for the kindergarten, not only to provide the children with regular hot meals, but also with educational materials. In the mid term, the aim is to employ a suitably trained teacher who will stay long term and facilitate steady training of the children.

In May 2023, some members of the association visited the school and kindergarten and met with two of the mothers as well as with Ongma Gurung, who take responsibility for the organization. Plenty of exciting gifts were distributed for the children.