Elderly people

Many elderly people who no longer have relatives in the remote Himalayan valleys are in urgent need of outside help. Lama Sönam knows many of them personally. For them, a cooked meal per day or compensation for a visit to the doctor, for example, is a great help. Just a few euros can effectively alleviate their suffering. 


During a visit to Manang in May 2023, Lama Sönam and some members of the association met elderly and Tshering Ongma Gurung Ghale, who organizes lunch in the restaurant of the 'Mountain Lake' hotel, of which she is a co-owner. Ongma Gurung (1st picture) has been Himalaya Karuna's confidant and contact person for many years and is tirelessly and passionately committed to the association's social projects. In her restaurant, destitute senior citizens who have no support from family or friends receive a warm lunch every day of the year - Himalaya Karuna covers all the costs for food and organization. During our visit, some very useful gifts were distributed:

Here are some pictures of the lunch from 2011, which was organized by Ongma Gurung together with Lama Phuntshok: